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UK Visitor Visa

Each year hundreds of thousands of individuals come to the UK on Visitor Visas which allow ‘tourist activities’. If however you’re a professional on business you will either require a ‘Business Visa’ or you may require a full UK Work Visa if you intend to work in a role or deliver services to a UK […]

IT Contracting in the UK for Turkish Nationals

Are you a Turkish IT Consultant? Would you like to work in the UK as a professional IT Contractor? If so Commonwealth Contractors can help to secure you a Turkish ECAA Visa and help to maximise your contract retention!

ECAA Visas for Bulgarians and Romanians

If you are a Bulgarian or a Romanian and you are interested in coming to the UK to open a business you may be able to secure a European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) Visa. ECAA Visas represent a great option for those that want to work as highly skilled Contractors in the UK.

HSMPs for Bulgarians and Romanians

If you are a highly skilled professional from Bulgaria or Romania you may be able to apply for a HSMP Visa for the UK. The HSMP Scheme (and its successor Tier 1 General) is now closed to all new applicants except those from Bulgaria and Romania.

Tier 5 International Agreement Visa

Tier 5 International Agreement Visas are for people who are coming to the UK to do work which is covered by International law. Points Requirement To qualify for a Tier 5 International Agreement visa you must score 40 points for by passing the Certificate of Sponsorship and Maintenance Requirements. Certificates of Sponsorship (Maximum 30 Points) […]

IT Consulting on Tier 5 Visas

Are you an IT Contractor? Do you hold a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa? If so Commonwealth Contractors has partners that can help you to (1) maximise your retention while on Tier 5, AND (2) work towards a long term Tier 2 General Visa (formerly Work Permit)!