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UK Eases Visa Rules – 1st October 2013

Last Friday, Mark Harper, the immigration minister, announced changes which generally ease visa rules from 1st October 2013. Some of the key changes are: Removal of the English language requirement for intra-company transferees. Tourists and business visitors are allowed to do some study where it is not the main purpose of their visit. Share ownership […]

Tier 5 Extension to your Working Holiday Visa

If you are enjoying the UK on your Working Youth Mobility Visa,  aTier 5 extension is something we can help you with. The usual next step is sponsorship of a Tier 2 Work Permit visa, which can later lead on to Indefinite leave to Remain (permanent residence) and then British nationality / passport. The great […]

IT Consulting – On Tier 5 Youth Mobility

In the old days IT Consultants on Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas used to move to Tier 1 General Visas to stay in the UK long term. However, now that Tier 1 General has been cancelled the only option is to find a Tier 2 Licensed Sponsor and move to a UK Work Permit (Tier […]

IT Consulting on Tier 5 Visas

Are you an IT Contractor? Do you hold a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa? If so Commonwealth Contractors has partners that can help you to (1) maximise your retention while on Tier 5, AND (2) work towards a long term Tier 2 General Visa (formerly Work Permit)!

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa is for 18 – 30 year olds from qualifying nations (including Australia and New Zealand) who want to come to the UK to work and travel for up to 2 years. The visa is the new version of the old Working Holidaymaker Visa. In this section we have provided detailed […]