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UK Eases Visa Rules – 1st October 2013

Last Friday, Mark Harper, the immigration minister, announced changes which generally ease visa rules from 1st October 2013. Some of the key changes are: Removal of the English language requirement for intra-company transferees. Tourists and business visitors are allowed to do some study where it is not the main purpose of their visit. Share ownership […]

Skilled Meat Boners Given The Chop Under Tier 2 General

Professor David Metcalf, the Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) said that \’Placing limits on migration requires that we are far more selective and ensure only highly skilled migrant workers can come to work in the UK. For instance, only the top 5% of chef jobs will be open to Tier 2 workers under […]

REC Calls Tier 2 Visa Changes a Welcome Step In The Right Direction

The Recruitment & Employment Confederations Head of Policy, Gillian Econopouly, said that “REC members have first hand knowledge of the talent shortages facing many British businesses. The shortage of suitably skilled workers in many sectors is a reality, and while it will not be rectified overnight, this announcement is a welcome step in the right […]

Tier 2 Statement of Intent Announced

Changes to the Tier 2 System; Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship will be split into two categories; ‘Restricted’ Certificates of Sponsorship AND ‘Unrestricted’ Certificates of Sponsorship Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship: Sponsors wishing to employ a worker in a role subject to the Immigration Cap will have to apply to the UK Border Agency for an […]

Changes To Tier 2 A Throwback To The Old Work Permit System

The changes to Tier 2 Visa system mark a return to the old ‘Work Permit’ days when companies had to make a case to employ a migrant and then submit a Work Permit application to the UK Border Agency (or Workpermits UK as it was back in the old days) for consideration. Upon approval of […]

Changes To UK Immigration System Set To Be Announced Today

Overall the final Immigration Cap will see 6,300 skilled and highly individuals fall outside of the system compared with 2009. There is likely to be a large degree of alarm among the business community, especially in those industries where there are already dire skill shortages such as Engineering & Healthcare. Top level bankers may be […]

Business Secretary Reassures Indian Businesses Over UK Immigration Policy

At a speech to the Confederation of Indian Industry Mr Cable said that \”I recognise there have been concerns expressed in some quarters in India that changes to British rules on migration might be detrimental to Indian firms, but I would like to state for the record that the Government has exempted Intra-Company Transfers from […]

Tier 2 General (Work Permit) Temporary Immigration Cap Details Released By The UK Border Agency

How will the temporary Immigration Cap work? Full details of how the Tier 2 temporary Immigration Cap will be operated will be announced by the UK Border Agency in the coming weeks with a new application form and guidance document released on the 19th July 2010. However, we do know that the interim limit will […]

Search For Jobs On Direct.Gov.UK

The Chief Executive of Jobcentre Plus, Darra Singh said that “The Jobcentre Plus database is the largest jobs database in Europe and receives over a million job searches every working day. Directgov, Jobcentre Plus and Businesslink have been working together to make sure that people looking for a job can find what they need via […]

Changes To Tier 2 General In April 2010

Headline changes to Tier 2 General and Intra Company Transfer 5 additional points will be awarded for Tier 2 General applications versus Tier 2 Intra Company Transfers due to the fact that Tier 2 General applications are designed specifically to protect skilled jobs and to ensure that offers are made to resident nationals before those […]