Changes To Tier 2 A Throwback To The Old Work Permit System

The changes to Tier 2 Visa system mark a return to the old ‘Work Permit’ days when companies had to make a case to employ a migrant and then submit a Work Permit application to the UK Border Agency (or Workpermits UK as it was back in the old days) for consideration. Upon approval of the Work Permit the migrant could apply for entry clearance at a diplomatic post abroad. The new system will be much the same with sponsors applying for a Certificate of Sponsorship (effectively the new version of the old Work Permit) and then once approved migrants apply for entry clearance on a Tier 2 General Visa (formerly entry clearance on a UK Work Permit) abroad.

The new system will also see the Government take the first steps to ‘ending the link between temporary migration for work and staying in the UK permanently’ (Indefinite Leave to Remain). The UK Border Agency has announced that it will;

  • Introduce a new income requirement for Tier 1 (General), Tier 2 (General) and Work Permit holders applying for settlement
  • Amend the English Language & Life in the UK Requirement to make it more difficult
  • Clarify the criminality test applied to all applicants for Settlement

David Green, the Conservative Immigration Minister, said that ‘Britain needs to attract the brightest and the best to fill jobs gaps but this should never be at the expense of workers already here. We have worked closely with businesses while designing this system, and made it clear employers should look first to people who are out of work and who are already in this country. And those that do come here to work must know that we intend to make the route to settlement tougher. It cannot be right that people coming to fill temporary skills gaps have open access to permanent settlement.\’

Commonwealth Contractors

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