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Leading Doctors Support Centralisation of Services

The proposals seem to follow blueprints being laid down by specialist Indian Hospitals. Currently in India specialist hospitals, especially in heart surgery, are being developed in order to deal with the mass treatment of patients. Hospitals deal with a bulk number of patients, are provided with specialist cutting edge technologies and are staffed with a […]

Public to be informed of NHS Treatment Costs?

The Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, said that “A free at the point of use service is only sustainable if people use it responsibly, and only take out according to their need at any given moment. I think informing people about the costs of services and using them responsibly is something we probably need to take […]

Private Sector Hiring Surge Expected

The positive results are almost wholly down to a hiring rebound in the private sector, especially in those areas which have been badly hit by the recession. The CIPD’s Public Policy Advisor, Gerwyn Davies, said “a sustained global economic recovery could mean a growth of full-time jobs in the private sector. This will boost private-sector […]

Top Professionals Still Keen To Work Abroad

Key Points from the Study: 28% of professionals would use an International Recruitment Agency to find a job abroad 16% of professionals would use a head hunter to find a job abroad 64% of professionals use an Internet search to conduct research into moving overseas The Chief Executive of Hydrogen Group, Tim Smeaton, said that […]

Hung Parliament worries UK Businesses

The Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, David Frost, said that “Businesses are right to be wary about the prospect of a hung parliament. Instinctively, companies prefer a clear mandate to lead and govern. With our economy still fragile and the public finances in a dire state, the overwhelming concern is whether a […]

IT Job Board reports 54% increase in Contract Roles

The Managing Director of the IT Job Board, Alex Farrell said that “We have continued to see a rapid rise in the number of positions being advertised in the first quarter of 2010, a real sign that the market is bouncing back.\” The IT Job Board reported a 16% increase in the number of IT […]

3rd And Final Leaders Debate

The debate mainly focused on the economy however it did touch on UK Immigration. When the issue turned to Immigration Nick Clegg found his amnesty policy on illegal immigrants who have been living in the UK for at least 10 years under stinging attack by both David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Liberal Democrat Amnesty Proposals […]

UK Employment Figures by Country of Birth

The figures below show UK Employment figures by Country of Birth for; the Accession 8 Countries, the United States of America, Africa as a whole (excluding South Africa), South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Accession 8 (A8) Countries The Accession 8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and […]

HMRC Get Tough with Tax Evaders

In the last financial year to March 2009 the HMRC managed to grow revenue generated through tax investigations to £12.1 Billion, an increase of 7% on the previous year. Overall the HMRC has grown revenue generated through tax investigations by 64% since the creation of the organisation back in 2005. The increase in tax revenues […]

David Cameron & Nick Clegg Joint Winners of Second Leaders Debate

During the debate, which focused on foreign policy although touched on Immigration, David Cameron once again put forward his plans for a cap on immigration in the ‘tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands’. However, Mr Cameron was unable to say how many migrants would be allowed to enter the UK each year […]