Monthly Archives: April 2010

More IT Graduates than Positions

Jeff Brooks, Chairman of the REC’s Technology Group said that “finding IT workers will be easier and allow faster placements by recruitment agencies. It is encouraging to see this growth in demand. Our members are showing increasing confidence in the sector and many of them are looking to hire more recruiters as a result. It […]

Internet Explorer Loses Market Share

According the research from Statcounter Internet Explorer web surfing has fallen by: 2.5% in France 1% in the United Kingdom (IE previously had a 60% market share compared to 26% for Firefox) 1.3% in Italy Since the introduction of the ‘choice screen’ downloads of Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers have increased significantly, with Opera […]

UKBA Biometric Database to be used for Identity Scheme

The Department of Work and Pensions Customer Information Systems (CIS) database, which has links to numerous local and governmental departments, is used to store personal information for everyone with a National Insurance (NI) number. After assessment and careful consideration it was decided that over expansion of the CIS database could cause future issues. The new […]

Debate 2010 Crowd Sourcing Application

The Chairman of Europe, Dr Steve Garnett said that “By teaming up with Telegraph Media Group to create Debate2010, we are inviting the UK population to have a say. This fantastic example of how cloud computing can translate into the public sector provides a wake up call for politicians. Engaging in interactive, online discussions […]

Citrix Receiver on the Apple iPad

Harry Labana, Chief Technology Officer at Citrix said “We see the iPad as a device that users can just carry around with them for collaboration. Citrix has done things to make the user interface gesture-friendly to users. We\’re seeing an unusual amount of interest for Receiver on this device”. Large organisations including the National Health […]

Home Office Advised To Cut Consultant Costs

At present the Home Office is undertaking a number of high profile projects, such as e-borders & the National Identity Card Scheme, which have a combined estimated cost of £15 Billion. The report by the National Audit Office found: There was no central planning at portfolio level of resource allocation & recommended a comprehensive review […]

Onshore Outsourcing Increasing

According to’s survey of 50,000 UK based businesses, 60% said that they are outsourcing more than they did two years ago, however 61% said that they are outsourcing to local rather than overseas providers. Many of the companies surveyed attributed the change to the impact the recession has had on their businesses, however this […]

Oracle / Sun Integration Going Well

Key points from Oracle Corporations third quarter earnings statement: Net Income of $1.2 Billion or 23 cents per share Revenue $6.4 Billion (up 17% year on year) Non GAAP earnings of $1.9 Billion or 38 cents per share The President of Oracle Corporation, Safra Catz, predicted that revenue for the forth quarter would rise 36% […]