REC Calls Tier 2 Visa Changes a Welcome Step In The Right Direction

The Recruitment & Employment Confederations Head of Policy, Gillian Econopouly, said that “REC members have first hand knowledge of the talent shortages facing many British businesses. The shortage of suitably skilled workers in many sectors is a reality, and while it will not be rectified overnight, this announcement is a welcome step in the right direction. Immigration policy must be flexible and reflect the evolving needs of the UK labour market. These measures, together with the exemption on intra-company transfers, show that the Government recognises the value of highly-skilled workers to the UK and its businesses. We will continue to articulate the views of the industry to Government as recruiters can offer a market-based outlook on what is a highly politicised issue.”

Key Tier 2 changes due in April 2011;

  • A limit on the number of Tier 2 General Visas issued in 2011 / 2012 will be set at 20,700 Certificates of Sponsorship
  • 1,000 visas will be made available for a new ‘Exceptional Talent’ route (Nobel Prize winners etc)
  • Tier 2 Certificates of Sponsorship will be split into two categories:
    • ‘Restricted’ Certificates of Sponsorship
    • ‘Unrestricted’ Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Tier 2 Transfers will fall under ‘Unrestricted’ Certificates of Sponsorships therefore they will not be included in the Immigration Cap, unlike under the interim Immigration Cap
  • If sponsors apply for more Certificates of Sponsorship than there are available in a month Certificates of Sponsorship will be allocated further to a ranking system (Shortage Occupations will be dealt with first)
  • Companies will have to apply to the UK Border Agency for a ‘Restricted’ Certificate of Sponsorship. The change marks a return to the old ‘Work Permit’ days when companies had to make a case to employ a migrant and then submit a Work Permit application to the UK Border Agency (or Workpermits UK as it was back in the old days) for consideration
  • It will become slightly more difficult for individuals to secure Indefinite Leave to Remain with major changes expected later in the year (The Government are taking the first steps to ‘end the link between temporary migration for work and staying in the UK permanently’)

Commonwealth Contractors

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