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The Chief Executive of Jobcentre Plus, Darra Singh said that “The Jobcentre Plus database is the largest jobs database in Europe and receives over a million job searches every working day. Directgov, Jobcentre Plus and Businesslink have been working together to make sure that people looking for a job can find what they need via Directgov, which is fast and easy to navigate.” Direct.Gov.UK will now be available to a wider audience via Mobile Phones, Teletext, Digital TV, Virgin and Sky TV.

Tier 2 Sponsors

If you are a Tier 2 (Work Permit) sponsor you will now need to advertise job vacancies on the Direct.Gov.UK website rather than the old JobCentrePlus website. To do this you should go to the Employer Direct online service via For more information on advertising jobs further to Tier 2 (Work Permit) criteria please call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021.

MyGov Profiles

Over the coming years the Government plans to consolidate all of its existing websites into a single MyGov domain with a MyGov dashboard for each citizen. The point of the centralisation is to allow users quick and easy access to government services. At present users have multiple accounts with multiple Government websites.

In a recent speech Gordon Brown said that “the MyGov dashboard will make citizen interaction with government as easy as internet banking or online shopping”. MyGov, which will eventually replace DirectGov will “end the current frustration of web users needing to identify themselves separately for different public services”. He went on to say that “the dashboard will allow citizens to manage their pensions, tax credits and child benefits, as well as pay council tax, fix doctors or hospital appointments, apply for schools of their choice and communicate with children\’s teachers”. The Prime Minister also promised that all public service contracts worth more than £20,000 would be provided on a free online database.

Commonwealth Contractors

Commonwealth Contractors is a collection of highly skilled professionals from the Commonwealth and beyond. We partner with OISC Registered Immigration Partners capable of professionally representing Tier 1 Visa Applications / Extensions and Tier 2 Licensed Consultancy & Associated Trust Partners who may be prepared, where required, to sponsor a Medical, Information Technology or Engineering Professional on a Tier 2 Visa (formerly UK Work Permit).

To find out more call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your details now and we will get right back to you.. Please be prepared to send a copy of a recent CV so that we can pass to interested partners.


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