ECAA Visas for Bulgarians and Romanians

If you are a Bulgarian or a Romanian and you are interested in coming to the UK to open a business you may be able to secure a European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) Visa. ECAA Visas represent a great option for those that want to work as highly skilled Contractors in the UK.

The European Community Association Agreement allows Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals to come to the United Kingdom for the purpose of starting a business. If you are thinking about coming to the UK to work as a highly skilled Contractor you may be able to go into business with your own Contractor Limited Company and then apply for an ECAA Visa for the UK.

If you are a high skilled IT Consultant, Engineer, Medical Professional or Financial Services Consultant and you are interested in Contracting in the UK Commonwealth Contractors can help!

At Commonwealth Contractors we specialise in dealing with ECAA visas for highly skilled Turkish Contractors. To find out more call now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!

Initial ECAA Visa Applications

To qualify further to opening your own business you must show that;

  • You possess the required skills to establish the business
  • You will be bring sufficient funds to establish the business
  • You will bear your share of the costs of running the business
  • Your share of the profits will be enough to support you and your dependants without requiring access to public funds

If you want to join an existing partnership or company, you must also:

  • Show that you will have an active part in running the business
  • Show that there is a genuine need for your services and investment
  • Provide a copy of the most recent company accounts

To prove that you are establishing yourself in business you may need to show documents inc;

A business plan or partnership agreement

  • Insurance Certificates (may include Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability & Public Liability)
  • HM Revenue & Customs Documents (i.e. VAT Registration, PAYE Registration, Corporation Tax Registration etc
  • Original Bank Statements to prove you can maintain and accommodate yourself
  • Tenancy Agreement / Mortgage Agreement

Contracting Solutions for Turkish Nationals

At Commonwealth Contractors our partners have developed an Integrated Contracting Solution for highly skilled Bulgarian and Romanian IT Contractors. The Solution includes;

  • Contractor Limited Company Setup, including;
    • Company Incorporation
    • VAT Registration
    • Corporation Tax Registration
    • PAYE Registration
    • Professional Insurance Advice (i.e. PI, Employers & Public Liability)
    • Company Bank Account Advice
  • A Professionally Represented ECAA Visa Application;
    • Application Coversheets
    • ECAA Application Form Preparation
    • Supporting Documents, inc; Business Plan, Revenue Projections etc
  • Contract Retention Advice;
    • Income Structuring (Dividend, Salary & Expense mix)
    • VAT Savings
    • Split Year Income


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To find out more about our solutions call now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!