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UK Tier 2 Visa

This guide is directed at individual skilled professionals who would like to work in the UK on a sponsored Tier 2 visa work permit . [/wptabcontent][/wpspoiler][wpspoiler name=”If you are an Employer”][wptabcontent] Click here for our employer’s guide to Tier 2 visas Information for Employers Tier 2 Employer Overview Tier 2 Sponsorship Licenses SOC Codes Shortage […]

European Solutions for UK Work Visa Holders

Do you have a Client in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France or the Republic of Ireland with a high end contract requirement? Are you looking to assign migrants, who need a visa to work in Europe, who are UK Work Visa Holders? If so Commonwealth Contractors can help to secure the Contractor a Vander Elst […]

Turn Overseas CVs into Cash! (Tier 2 Work Permits)

Are you finding it difficult to secure high end IT, Engineering, Healthcare or Financial Services skills in the UK? Do you know a Non EEA National who possesses the skills and would be ideal but lacks a UK Work Visa? If so Commonwealth Contractors may be able to help! At Commonwealth Contractors we specialise in […]

UK Visa Processing Times

The time it takes to process a Tier 2 General Visa application depends on many factors, including; whether the application is ‘in country’ or ‘out of country’, the country in which the application is being submitted, whether the applicant has dependents or not.

ECAA Visas for Bulgarians and Romanians

If you are a Bulgarian or a Romanian and you are interested in coming to the UK to open a business you may be able to secure a European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) Visa. ECAA Visas represent a great option for those that want to work as highly skilled Contractors in the UK.

Work Permits for Bulgarians and Romanians

If you would like to work as an ‘employee’ in the UK your best bet may be to secure a UK Work Permit (Tier 2 General Visa) with a Tier 2 Licensed Employer. If however you have time to spare and your prospective employer is not Tier 2 Licensed you may be better off with […]

Working in the UK as a Bulgarian or Romanian

Are you a highly skilled Bulgarian or Romanian? Would you like to work as a Contractor in the UK on a Work Permit, HSMP or ECAA Visa? If so Commonwealth Contractors can help!

Transferring from Tier 4 to Tier 2 General

Although possible, transferring from a Tier 4 Student Visa to Tier 2 General (formerly UK Work Permit) is very difficult. Not because the transfer is especially complicated but because (1) the prospective sponsor must conduct a Resident Labour Market Test AND (2) ‘switching’ is only allowed once the individual has graduated from their course of […]

Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa

Tier 2 Minister of Religion visas are for those who have been offered employment or a post as a minister of religion, a missionary or a member of a religious order in the United Kingdom. Pastoral and Missionary Duties Tier 2 Pastoral duties can include: Leading worship regularly and on special occasions Giving religious education […]

Tier 2 General to ILR & Citizenship Route

After completing 5 full years in the UK on a Tier 2 General Visa you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) so long as you have not spent any more than 90 days outside the country in any one year. Holding Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as Permanent Residence) means that you […]