UK Tier 2 Visa

This guide is directed at individual skilled professionals who would like to work in the UK on a sponsored Tier 2 visa work permit .

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[/wptabcontent][/wpspoiler] If you are a skilled individual wanting to work in the UK, our OISC registered partners can help your employer sponsor a Tier 2 work permit for you. If you have a contract offer, but the client can’t or does not want to sponsor you,  Our Partners may be able to help if:

  • The daily rate is >£250.00 + vat
  • The client is prepared to give a deliverables-based (and not an agency worker based) contract
  • The role is not one that can be readily filled by an EU resident

The solutions work particularly well in the IT, Engineering, and Financial spheres.  If you are in another sector, don’t worry, we can discuss your individual situation.

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Listed below is the index to our detailed guide to UK Tier 2 visas (work permits)