Working in the UK as a Bulgarian or Romanian

Are you a highly skilled Bulgarian or Romanian? Would you like to work as a Contractor in the UK on a Work Permit, HSMP or ECAA Visa? If so Commonwealth Contractors can help!

Although Bulgaria and Romania are part of the European Community nationals of both countries cannot work freely in the UK. First nationals need to secure a suitable work visa for the UK (i.e. Work Permit or HSMP) and then an application must be submitted for a Accession Worker Card. Please note that Accession Worker Cards are not required in the case of Self Employed Individuals under the ECAA Visa Scheme.

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Work Visa Options for Bulgarians and Romanians

Highly skilled Romanian or Bulgarian nationals have three options when it comes to working in the United Kingdom as outlined in the table below.


Visa Category

Visa Information

UK Work Permits (Tier 2 General Visas)

If you are coming to the UK for ‘employment’ and your prospective employer holds a Tier 2 General License with the UK Border Agency you may be able to secure a Tier 2 General Visa for the UK. Securing a Tier 2 General Visa is probably the quickest way to secure a work visa for the UK.

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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) Visas

No, you haven’t just stepped back to the late 90s; the High Skilled Migrant Programme really is still open… however only for Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals! The once hugely popular HSMP (forerunner of Tier 1 General) is a great option for highly skilled professionals who wish to work in ‘permanent employment’ roles where the prospective employer is not Tier 2 Licensed with the UK Border Agency. If however you’re interested in working as a highly skilled Contractor (Outside IR35) you may be better off with an ECAA Visa and a Contractor Limited Company (see below).

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European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) Visas

ECAA Visas are designed for those Bulgarian and Romanian nationals who wish to come to the UK to open their own business. If you are a highly skilled IT, Engineering, Medial or Financial Services professional and you are interested in going into business with your own Contractor Limited Company Commonwealth Contractors can help.

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