Tier 5 International Agreement Visa

Tier 5 International Agreement Visas are for people who are coming to the UK to do work which is covered by International law.

Points Requirement

To qualify for a Tier 5 International Agreement visa you must score 40 points for by passing the Certificate of Sponsorship and Maintenance Requirements.

Certificates of Sponsorship (Maximum 30 Points)

To apply for a Tier 5 Visa you must have been issued with a Certificate of Sponsorship from a licensed organisation.





General Agreement on Trade in Services Certificate of Sponsorship The employer must guarantee that:

  • You work for an employer or organisation of a country that:
    • Is a member of the World Trade Organisation, OR
    • Has a bilateral agreement with the UK or EU, OR
    • Is a member of the EU
  • You will do work that meets the Ts&Cs of the relevant international agreement
  • You work for an employer that was given the contract or will provide services to the UK client
30 Points
Overseas Government and International Organisation Certificate of Sponsorship The employer must guarantee that:

  • You will be hold a contract of employment with the overseas government / organisation
  • You will only do the job detailed on the CoS
  • You will not change to another International Agreement category.
30 Points
Private servants in diplomatic household Certificate of Sponsorship The employer must guarantee that:

  • You are 18+ years, AND
  • You are employed as a  private servant in the household of:
    • A member of staff of a diplomatic mission who has diplomatic privileges and immunity, OR
    • An official employed by an international organisation with certain privileges and immunities under UK or international law;
  • Are planning to work full-time in domestic employment, AND
  • Will not do any other job for the sponsor other than as a private servant for a named household; AND

Are going to leave the UK when your permission to stay has ended.

30 Points

Maintenance Requirement (Maximum 10 Points)

There are two ways to satisfy the mandatory Maintenance requirement detailed below.

Maintenance Attribute


You have £800+ in personal savings which has been in your account for 90+ days 10
An ‘A-Rated’ Tier 2 Licensed Sponsor is confirming on the Certificate of Sponsorship that it will maintain and accommodate you until the end of you first month of employment where required 10

Please note that if you are applying on the basis of bank statements the balance cannot drop even £1 below the minimum threshold in the qualification period otherwise the application will be refused.

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