Bulgarians and Romanians – Working in other areas of Europe via the EU Single Market Rules

Are you a Bulgarian or Romanian with a contract in an area of Europe in which you are not allowed to work freely? If so Commonwealth Contractors may be able to help you deliver the project further to EU Single Market Rules.

The United Kingdom is relatively liberal and open to Bulgarian & Romanian nationals, while many continental EU counties impose greater restrictions on Bulgarian & Romanian nationals.

This has led some highly skilled people to use the UK as a gateway to contract roles on the continent. The process works in the following way:

  1. The Bulgarian / Romanian national comes to the UK and works for a UK company
  2. The UK Company sends their employee to deliver services in another part of the European Union

This service delivery comes under EU single market rules for the provision of services across borders, under which the ‘destination’ country (for example France) is not allowed to require the established employees of a company from another EU member state (e.g. the United Kingdom).

If you are a highly skilled Bulgarian or Romanian and you have a potential contract in an area of Europe in which you cannot currently work please get in contact with us asap. We work with employers and consultancies that may be able to help.

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