UK Dependency Visas

UK Dependency Visas are designed for Non EEA Nationals who wish to come to the UK to reside as partners, children or elderly relatives of those that are already in the UK or are coming to the UK in a qualifying category.

Although Dependent Visas cover family members of those that are ‘settled’ in the UK (i.e. hold UK Citizenship or Indefinite Leave) this guide will only look at those coming to the UK as family members of migrant workers.

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Who are Dependent Visas for?

Dependent Visas are for;

  • Dependent Partners i.e. Husbands, Wives etc
  • Dependent Children under 18 years of age

The main applicant must have a valid status to remain long term in the UK (i.e. Tier 2 General Visa, Tier 1 General Visa, HSMP, UK Work Permit etc)

What documents are required?

If you are planning to apply as a dependent of a qualifying visa holder you will need to

  • Complete a VAF10 (dependent application form) AND
  • Secure evidence from the Migrant Worker that he / she can support you and themselves without requiring access to public funds. To do this the main applicant will normally need to provide original bank statements for at least 90 days prior to the application showing a satisfactory balance, OR if under Tier 2 the sponsor may be able to validate the maintenance requirement.

How do I apply?

Dependent Visa applications can either be submitted;

  • Out of Country – If you are making an Initial application, OR
  • In Country – if you are applying to extend an existing dependent visa OR you are updating your status in line with a change of employment or ‘switching’ application submitted by the main applicant

To submit an application you will need to;

  • Fully complete Form VAF10
  • Provide supporting documents in respect of the application (e.g. Passport, Passport Photos, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate etc
  • Enrol your Biometric Information (i.e. Fingerprints and Digital Photograph)
  • Pay the Government Submission Fee

Using the NHS & State Schools

Once a dependent visa has been approved you will be given Leave to Enter or Remain in the UK in line with the main applicant.

While in the UK you will be considered a ‘resident’ and therefore you will enjoy free access to public services including the National Health Service and State Schools.

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