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Prime Minister promotes Charitable Donations through Pay Checks

David Cameron said that “With employers, as part of Every Business Commits, we will launch a major new campaign to promote payroll giving. That means making it easier for their workers to give money to charity automatically through their pay checks. In America around a third of employees already do this. In the UK it\’s […]

EBT Contractors given until 31st December 2011 to come clean

The Permanent Secretary of the HM Revenue & Customs, Dave Hartnett, said that “This approach to customers gives them the opportunity to discuss their cases with us and work in partnership to establish how the facts of their case fit within the proposals. If EBT users do not respond by 31 December 2011, HMRC will […]

HMRC doubles Enforcement Officers to 200 people

Announcing the new enforcement measures, Mike Eland, the Director General of Enforcement and Compliance at the HMRC said that \”Building on HMRC\’s successful approach to tackling fraud in the labour provider industry, these teams will make it even harder for fraudsters. We will tackle employers who don\’t play by the rules and the organised crime […]

OTS says decision not to abolish IR35 was the Chancellor’s

An Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) spokesperson told the Contractor Tax website Shout99 that “The OTS review of IR35 considered a wide range of options – including abolition. Our report came down in favour of two main options – suspension, with a view to eventual abolition, or making significant improvements in HMRC\’s running of the […]

HMRC Business Record Checks start early

The Deputy President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), Anthony Thomas, said that “HMRC’s reassurance that this is a ‘test and learn’ pilot where no penalties will be levelled, other than in exceptional circumstances, is welcome. However they should have made this clear to tax advisers, business organisations and, above all, those taxpayers – […]

CIOT urges Government to reconsider disguised remuneration policy

A spokesperson for the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) said that “We urge further reflection before the final legislation is introduced. The proposals are moving to taxing the form (involvement of a third party) rather than the substance (reward or loan in connection with the employment) of the arrangement. There are many hard edges which […]

Budget good in the long run but of little immediate impact

John Philpott, the Chief Economist at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said that “The OBR forecasts have moved closer to the economic outlook for 2011 published by the CIPD following Mr Osborne’s first budget last year, but still look very optimistic for 2012 onward and may well have to be revised further […]

Income Tax & National Insurance Systems to be merged?

A senior tax manager at Grant Thornton UK, Ellie Gamble, said that “We cautiously welcome government plans to merge the operation of income tax and NICs. This could really make life easier for both employer and employee. We would, however, urge the government not to rush anything through. Moreover, the change should not lead to […]