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Government Response To Intra Company Transfer Petition

The following details the groups ICT Petition and the Governments official response. ICT Petition We petition the Prime Minister to abolish the \’Intra Company Transfer\’ work permits scheme immediately This scheme allows companies to bypass UK immigration rules and import non-EU workers into the UK, displacing UK/EU staff. This scheme bypasses other schemes such as […]

UKBA launches Health Tourist Consultation Document

The proposals centre on amending the Immigration Rules in order to make non payment of NHS charges specific grounds for refusal of entry or further stay in the United Kingdom. The proposals do not impact on a migrant’s access to NHS services but rather the UKBA and Department of Health aim to make it easier […]

Q4 Visa Statistics Worker Registration Scheme Statistics

In 2004 ten countries joined the European Union (EU). Two of the countries, Malta and Cyprus were given full free movement rights (including rights to work); these countries were called the ‘Accession 2’ or ‘A2’ countries.  The other eight countries, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia were given limited access to […]

Q4 Visa Statistics Managed Migration Statistics

After Entry Applications to vary Leave to Remain: The after entry application statistics relate to people who either extend or vary their Leave to Remain while in the UK. Key Findings for Quarter 4 2009: Applications to vary conditions of leave (excluding dependents) decreased by 6% to 82,660 81% of total decisions were grants of […]

Q4 Visa Statistics Enforcement and Compliance

Each year thousands of people are removed from the UK by the UK Border Agency. Many are removed due to the fact that they: Have entered the United Kingdom illegally (e.g. without a valid entry visa) Have overstayed their period of Leave to Enter or Remain (e.g. individuals who have not left the UK following […]

Q4 Visa Statistics released by the Home Office

Headline Immigration and Asylum Statistics: Asylum applications dropped by 30% to 4,765 – the lowest level since 1992 Asylum application decisions increased by 36% The grant rate for Asylum applications fell to 13% Worker Registration Scheme applications fell to 28,495 (Quarter 4 2009 = 30,600, Quarter 4 2008 = 52,765) Removals and Voluntary Departures decreased […]

Google Apps signs up KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The next few years are expected to see many more high profile organisations migrate to cloud based technologies including Google Apps and (a Cloud based enterprise Customer Relationship Management tool). At the moment many organisations are seeking to reduce overheads and improve Information Technology capabilities. Cloud based computing models offer companies a straightforward and […]

NHS Trust Staff Shortage Warning

The Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, Dr Peter Carter has said that “It was highly inappropriate that the trust was so firmly focused on becoming a Foundation Trust while failing to deal with pressing issues at hand including getting the right staffing levels and skill mix, ensuring staff were […]