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Managed Service Companies (MSC)

If you’re planning to work as a professional Contractor you need to make sure that you’re not using a ‘Managed Service Company’, otherwise you could find that you face a large Income Tax and National Insurance bill down the line.

Section 660a

Section 660a is generally considered to be old news right now however it was a hot topic under the old Labour Government who threatening to bring in new ‘Income Shifting’ legislation to make it more difficult for family businesses to split profits between family members in order to gain a tax advantage

Limited Company Timesheets, Invoices & Payments

If you run a Contractor Limited Company it will normally be your responsibility to deal with Timesheets, Client Invoices and Payments. As part of genuinely ‘running a business’ you should demonstrate that you have full responsibility for these actions together with managing the Limited Company Bank Account.

Professional Insurance

If you’re going to go into business with your own IT Contractor Limited Company the chances are that you will be contractually required to hold sufficient Professional Insurance with a reputable provider. Please note that if you use an Umbrella Company you will be covered by the Umbrella’s policy.

Company Formation

If you are going to be working on Contracts which are ‘Outside IR35’ you may be interested in registering your own Contractor Limited Company and structuring your income to gain a tax advantage. To register a company you, or your accountant, will need to file a Limited Company registration with Companies House.

Contracts Inside and Outside IR35

The IR35 Status of contracts you are working further to will have a major implication on the way you structure your Contractor Limited Company Income. If contracts are ‘Inside IR35’ you need to pay employed levels of tax, however, if contracts are ‘Outside IR35’ you can structure your income to achieve a tax advantage by […]

Salary Guide for Limited Company Contractors

Most Limited Company Contractors remunerate themselves through a mix of Dividends, Reimbursed Expenses and PAYE Salary. By minimising salary payments and maximising dividends it is possible to achieve a significant tax advantage over straight payroll solutions.

Expense Guide for Limited Company Contractors

If you run a Contractor Limited Company you will be able to deduct certain ‘tax deductable’ business expenses from company billings. Contractors working at remote work sites normally incur a good few expenses however care should be taken to comply with HMRC expense claim rules (including Site Based Rules).