Monthly Archives: July 2013

UKBA Online Booking Service Closed on 18th July 2013 in UK

UKBA online service for booking appointments in the UK will be unavailable between 20:00 Thursday 18 July to 23:00 on Thursday 18 July 2013 while they do essential maintenance. This service is for applicants in the UK wishing to book an appointment for a premium application at one of the public enquiry offices, or to […]

Finance Staff Happy to Live Sheltered Lives

According to a recent interview in the FT with Sally Fisher, a Deloitte partner,  there is a real mis-match between the skills that companies need within finance and the types of skills that finance staff possess. Fisher, a specialist in organisation and change, believes that typically a third of the people in fiance are happy to lead […]

Croatia a Member of the EU from 1st July 2013

The Republic of Croatia became a member of the EU on the 1st July. This means that Croation nationals can now move and live freely in any member state of the EU. Member states may restrict access to the labour market for a transitional period and the UK is taking up the option to do […]

Business Bridge Visa Service for Astana in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan was brought to the attention of the world by Sacha Baron Cohen in 2006 when he lampooned the country in his movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan people were a little uneasy about the film but the government were delighted with the tenfold increase in […]