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REC responds to DoH guidance to NHS Managers over Recruitment

The Recruitment and Employment Confederations (RECs) Tom Hadley said that “We fully agree that a mix of substantive and temporary staff is the best way of delivering high-quality and cost-effective care to patients. It is crucial to recognise the importance of flexible staffing arrangements and there is no doubt that agency workers make a huge […]

NHS Managers given guide to hiring in attempt to reduce recruitment costs

The guide, which has been titled ‘\”Flexible workforce: strategic planning to reduce costs and improve quality\” helps NHS managers to ‘make the most efficient use of temporary staff, reduce agency costs and ensure that there is a supply of staff with flexible skills available to provide the highest levels of care for patients’. The Director […]

REC responds to Government announcement on Permanent Immigration Cap

The REC’s Director of Policy and Professional Services, Tom Hadley, said that \”Immigration is a complex and sensitive issue. The REC has consistently underlined the need to reflect labour market needs and argued that any cap would need to be reviewed regularly. As a result, we welcome the confirmation that the cap will be reviewed […]

Skilled Healthcare Professionals in even greater demand following Immigration Cap

Kate Bleasdale, the Executive Vice Chairman of Healthcare Locums (HCL) said that “There is still plenty of scope for the recruitment of overseas healthcare staff into the UK, as shortage occupations will continue to be privileged. The UK is in dire need of many highly skilled professionals such as specialist nurses and midwives, radiographers, physiotherapists, […]

1 in 5 UK Employers considering turning to Migrant Workers

The Public Policy Advisor for the CIPD, Gerwyn Davies, said that “The survey vindicates the government’s sensible compromise to make intra-company transfer scheme exemptions and to increase the number of visas given to employers that have made a job offer. The announcement reflects the fact that there needs to be a phased, long-term reduction to […]

Demand for Staff rises to highest level in 2010 according to Reed

The Managing Director of, Martin Warnes, said that \”Private sector demand for new workers is accelerating, and has spread across a wide range of areas. And while salaries remain below December 2009\’s level, last month\’s salary decline for new jobs has been reversed. Sustained economic recovery cannot be taken for granted, but the way […]

Public Sector Job Losses not as severe as first feared

The Office of Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) Chairman, Robert Chote, said that \”The economy will continue to recover from recession, but at a slower pace than in the recoveries of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. There is considerable uncertainty around any economic forecasts. These are our best guesses and caution is something for policy makers to […]

5,000 Jobs to be slashed at UKBA

In an announcement to MPs Lin Horner said that 1,700 jobs had already been cut so far this year but thousands more could go as the agency makes large budget cuts and that recent job losses have been a “combination of natural wastage and voluntary redundancies”. Fears have been raised that job cuts could make […]

40% cut in Student Visa approvals on the way?

Now that the Coalition Government has announced the proposed changes to Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Points Based Immigration System it is now expected to focus its attention on reforming the Tier 4 (Student) entry route. And following the announcement that net Immigration to the UK has actually increased to 215,000 in the […]

Net Immigration to the UK increases to 215,000

The figures on net migration show that 580,000 people came to work or study in the UK for more than a year in the 12 months to March 2010, while 364,000 moved abroad over the same period, leaving a rounded net migration figure of 215,000. The figures also show that: The number of migrants coming […]