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Tax for Contractors & Expats

Tax, and quasi-tax such as National Insurance, typically costs European those working in the UK and Europe from 1/3rd to 2/3rds of their earnings.  Tax planning can be particularly relevant for expats for whom there is often far more choice than exists for those living and working in their home countries. Our guides are not […]

Capital Gains Tax and Entrepreneurs Relief

If you run a Contractor Limited Company it is a good idea to know about Capital Gains Tax and Entrepreneurs Relief. Are you a highly skilled expat Contractor? Would you like to maximise your contract income and work towards a visa extension or visa transfer? If so Commonwealth Contractors can help! To discuss your situation […]

The Compound Effect of Corporation Tax & Personal Income Tax

Life would be far simpler if dividend Income was subject to tax at the same rate as earned income, and you got a personal tax credit for the corporation tax paid by the company before it declared your dividend. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. Instead dividends are taxed at a lower rate than […]

Income Tax on Dividend Income

If a Company in which you own shares makes a profit, it will generally be subject to corporation tax on its profit. After allowing for tax, any profit remaining may be distributed to the shareholders in the form of a Dividend. UK taxpayers are liable to personal income tax on dividend income if that dividend […]

National Insurance on Earned Income

National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are payable on employment income (further to Class 1) and self employment income (further to Class 2 and Class 4). Contributions are paid in order to gain entitlements to ‘State Benefits’, including the State Pension and the National Health Service (NHS).