Monthly Archives: January 2014

More Job Opportunities But Don’t Pop The Champagne Corks Yet

According to a report in the FT  UK graduate job opportunities are rising, leading to a return to pre-crisis (2007) levels of university leavers employment opportunities. A survey of the UK’s top 100 companies including Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s and the BBC says graduate vacancies will see their largest annual growth since 2009. Martin Birchall, Managing […]

EU Migration

On January 1st this year people from Romania and Bulgaria gained the same working rights as other European citizens in eight European countries, including the UK, Germany, Austria and France. This has fuelled a widespread perception in the UK that the floodgates would be opened to mass immigration, further pressurising the welfare state. It has […]

Challenger Banks

On Friday, Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader, announced his party’s proposal to create greater competition in the high street with two new  “challenger banks”. The market is dominated by the top 5 banks – Lloyds, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, HSBC and Santander. They control roughly 85% of all current accounts. The opposition leader outlined […]

Going All Out For Shale

The ultimate fracking incentive was unveiled yesterday, 13th Juanuary 2014, when David Cameron, the Prime Minister, announced that local councils which approve shale gas projects will keep millions of pounds generated through windfall business rates. In this instance they will keep 100% of rates, up from the usual 50%, which is an estimated £1.7m for a […]