Selling yourself to a UK Employer or client

Lots of companies & Contract agencies have traditionally avoided expats because dealing with them can be more complicated than with local professionals.  But the prospect of Brexit, and ‘local’ meaning just the UK rather than the EU28, is opening more people’s eyes to the need to think globally.  

If you want to make a success of a career in the UK, especially in the consulting / contracting field, the first thing to understand is that it is not about putting up a great Linked In profile & waiting for UK companies to come to you is unlikely to work.   It can be a full time job to get a job, and success depends on approaching this in a structured and professional way. 

In normal market conditions, we suggest applying to at least 10 opportunities per day.  This is c50 per week, c200 per month. If you allow an average of 3 months searching, which is typical, then the figures might look something like this:

Opportunities pursued: 600

Shortlisted by client/agent: 20

Called to face to face interview: 8

Offers: 2

You may be more fortunate than average, or you may be less fortunate, but it can help to be aware of  the mountain before you. It is one you can definitely climb, and it only needs you to put one foot in front of the other, but it is unlikely to be an overnight process. 

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Expat job hunters resource pack