Escape your T2 ICT visa

We are contacted by lots of people, particularly those working for the global IT outsourcers like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc, who are currently in the UK on a Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) visa.

Since 2011 after a Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) visa people usually have to serve a 12 month ‘cooling off period’ outside the UK before they are eligible to return on a Tier 2 (general) visa.  There is an exception for ‘High Earners’, but the definition of ‘High Earner’ is someone earning over £156k (rather more than the 2018 salary of £153,907 earned by the Prime Minister!!). If you have an offer of a job paying >£159,600pa or a contract paying >£1,000/day, then complete our: 

Happily Commonwealth Contractors can suggest some alternatives to waiting for the 12 month ‘cooling off period’ at home.  These include:

  • Switching to be a dependent if you are married to someone who is also a professional and can get sponsored
  • Other types of UK visa, in particular Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, or Start Up, or even Tier 4
  • Working in another European country

Our resources for Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) visa holders looking to escape include:

If you are caught by the cooling off period, but have a project that will yield £500+/day, it is particularly worth getting in touch to explore the options.  Might a Tier 1 exceptional Talent visa be an option? Or can we find other backing that would help you change status and avoid being shackled to your current sponsor?