UK – Big Brother is watching immigrants

In September 2012 the UK Border Agency  intends to deploy the ‘National Allegation Database’, a centralised database of information about immigrants.   UKBA hope that capturing information about foreign nationals residing in the UK will help them prevent people from staying in the country illegally,  and help UKBA to clear its backlog of work, currently c276,000 cases.

On the ‘National Allegation Database’ UKBA will keep records of all non-EU nationals coming to Britain, particularly those with UK Tier 4 student visas.   Data will be harvested from various sources including flight records. The UKBA plans to use the database to mailshot  migrants whose visas are about to expire.   The letter will warn people that failure to leave within 28 days, will result in deportation and being barred from returning to the UK.

UK  Immigration Minister, Damian Green, said last week ‘From debrief interviews, we have found that a third of people decide to overstay at the point their visa expires. If we can send these people letters warning of the consequences of illegally overstaying then I’m sure we can reduce the total number deciding to remain.’

As the name suggests, the ‘National Allegation Database’ will also record allegations made by members of the public about suspected illegal immigrants.  In July 2012 the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee issued a report which complained UKBA was failing to act on tip-offs received from the public, saying that in the 4 months  from December 2011 and March 2012 UKBA had followed up only 900 of the 25,600 communications received about suspected illegal immigrants

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