IT Contract Recruitment Agencies

In most cases you will have to work via an IT Contract Recruitment Agency in order to secure a project in the UK. Many Agencies advertise roles on IT Job Websites however it is often worthwhile building personal relationships so that (with luck!) an Agent will think of you before posting a requirement.

If you’re a highly skilled expat Contractor and you’re interested in maximising your contract income and working towards a visa extension or visa transfer Commonwealth Contractors can help!

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If you possess specialised IT skills it is well worth investing the time in building relationships with niche IT Agencies. If you have developed over time a good relationship with an Agent he or she will think of you rather than going out and advertising the contract to the Contracting community when an assignment comes up.

General Points on Building Relationships with Agencies:

  • Stay in regular contact with the Agent by email, phone and even in person
  • Take the Agent out for coffee or lunch if you are in the area (putting a face to the name really helps)
  • Update the Agent regularly with copies of your CV, skill updates, projects completed etc
  • Be prepared to share contacts and knowledge of hiring arrangements (Providing information will make you very useful)
  • Refer over high quality Consultants to the Agent once you have secured an assignment

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