Alternatives to Tier 2 Licensing

Securing a Tier 2 Sponsorship License and continually ensuring Immigration compliance can be an expensive and time consuming matter. If you are planning to sponsor 10+ workers the time and expense may be worthwhile, however if you need unique skill and experience combinations for shorter periods of time other options may be better.

Many companies find that at some time or the other they require skill and experience combinations which are very difficult to find in the resident labour market. Many think that the only way to push their projects forward is to commit to significant investment in finding unique resources abroad and sponsoring permanently. Often the reality of the situation is that many employers decide to scale down or put on hold certain activities rather than making such commitments.

If you have a project which requires ‘hard to find’ skill and experience combinations Commonwealth Contractors may be able to help! We work with a number of consultancies who specialise in taking on project based assignments which require niche skill sets specifically within the IT, Engineering, Medial and Financial Services sectors.

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The Benefits of Managed Projects

From an Immigration perspective there are often many benefits to engaging a supplier to deliver a managed project, including;

  • No need to go through the expensive and time consuming process of becoming a Tier 2 Licensed employer with the UKBA
  • All payroll and HR costs are borne by the supplier (the supplier must ensure compliance with all UKBA requirements, not the client)
  • UKBA audit costs are incurred by the supplier (under Tier 2 many license holders receive any annual compliance audit)
  • There is no need to create new HR processes in order to ensure Immigration compliance with the Tier 2 requirements. The supplier is responsible for all HR requirements
  • Projects can be scaled up or down depending upon requirements at the time with no issues

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