Contracting after ILR

If you’re on a temporary work visa (such as Tier 1 General or Tier 2 General), and yearn to be a pure freelancer (not always the best option!), you will be looking forward to the day that you can consider contracting after ILR is achieved as it means you will be on the same playing field as all of the other highly skilled British Contractors who operate Contractor Limited Companies.

A Contractor Limited Company can represent a good way to make the most out of working as a professional contractor in the UK. The 13.8% Employers National Insurance saving means that you could add a significant amount to your monthly retention when considered vs a PAYE option, but the benefits are list unless you avoid MSC legislation, which generally means taking on a significant administrative burden.

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Contracting Solutions and Work Visa Applications

When on a temporary work visa such as Tier 1 General (formerly the HSMP) you need to place more importance on qualifying for a visa extension or ILR that improving your net retention by using a tax efficient contractor solution.

Over the years many of those who have used a tax efficient contractor solution have failed to qualify for a visa extension. If you have already done 2-3 years this can be potentially devastating. Tier 1 General Extensions

Working in Europe

Once you have secured Indefinite Leave to Remain you no longer have to worry about breaking your run for permanent residence (i.e. a break is considered to be any more that 90- days in any one year) and can therefore work for longer periods of time in other areas of the EEA where required (you may be able to do this via a Vander Elst Visa).

Please note however that if you spend an extended period of time outside of the UK (more than 2 years) you will lose your ILR status and also if you are planning on applying for British Citizenship you need to be based in the UK to qualify.

Securing Tier 2 Work Permit Sponsorship

Are you a highly skilled IT, Engineering, Financial Services Professional? Would you like to work in the UK on a Tier 2 General Visa?

At Commonwealth Contractors we partner with Tier 2 Licensed Employers & Consultancies who may be prepared, where required, to sponsor an individual on a Tier 2 General Visa.

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