Dual Nationality

Dual Nationality can be a massive benefit to many highly skilled professionals from Non EEA Countries. For example an Australian with Duel UK Nationality (and a British Passport) may be able to work freely not just in Australia and the UK but also throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

As a highly skilled professional you will no doubt want to work in the location with the best jobs and earning prospects. If for example the Australian economy is performing badly and prospects are poor you may wish to take a 12 month contract in (for example) Germany where high level contracts may be more plentiful. Duel Australian and UK Citizenship will allow you to do this easily.

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Becoming a UK Dual Citizen

At the moment you can qualify for Permanent Residence (ILR) in the UK after spending 5 years on a qualifying status (e.g. Tier 2 General) and then you can apply for British Citizenship after a spending a further 12 months on Indefinite Leave to Remain.

If you are an Australian or New Zealander you can apply for Duel Citizenship without a problem however if you are a national or another country you should check your countries rules prior to applying as some countries will not let you have two nationalities at any one time.

If you become a British Citizen and are a national of a country which does not allow duel nationality you may find that the authorities of that country may either regard you as having lost that nationality or may refuse to recognise your new nationality.

Which Countries allow Duel Nationality?

The following countries allow Dual Nationality at present however please double check with your countries authorities before applying for UK Nationality. Commonwealth Contractors can in no way shape or form be held responsible in the event that information changes or is subsequently incorrect.

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • USA
  • Canada

Please note that India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan (among others) do not allow duel nationality.

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