More immigration and settlement routes require biometric residence permit

Since the rollout began in November 2008 the UKBA have issued around 650,000 biometric residence permits, containing fingerprints and photograph on a secure chip. Biometric residence permits are an important step in fighting immigration abuse and illegal working and make it easier for employers to verify a foreign national’s right to work in the UK.

Employers can download guidance on checking biometric residence permits and their security features from the UKBA. From 31 May 2012 the UKBA will launch a new automated online checking service to provide quick and easy real time checks on biometric residence permits, the holder’s identity and their right to work.

The Post Office will provide a service for applicants to provide their biometric information throughout a network of locations across the UK. This will ensure that a biometric enrolment facility is within reasonable travelling distance for most of applicants. The additional Post Office locations will join the 17 branches already offering biometric enrolment. It is expected that additonal branches will be operational from March 2012, with all 104 locations operating by 10 April 2012.

Commonwealth Contractors

At Commonwealth Contractors we partner with OISC Registered Private
Immigration Firms and Tier 2 Licensed Healthcare and IT Consultancies
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Visa (formerly UK Work Permit). If you are a highly skilled
International professional and you would like to work in the UK
Commonwealth Contractors can help. Our OISC Registered Partners
specialise in Tier 1 General (formerly Highly Skilled Migrant Programme)
visa applications and can assist those highly skilled individuals that
either wish to apply or extend a Tier 1 General Visa.

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