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Tier 2 Codes Of Practice To Be Updated

What are the Codes of Practice? Before a Tier 2 Licensed company can ‘sponsor’ a worker from outside the EEA it must ensure that the job it wishes to sponsor the migrant worker for is in line with the relevant Codes of Practice and meets all relevant conditions. If the job does not meet the […]

Airport Body Scanners could be illegal

Body Scanners were recently introduced at UK airports following an attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow himself up on a flight to Detroit over the Christmas period. Since then the United States, Nigeria and a number of European Countries (including the Netherlands) have either installed the scanners or have said that they plan to […]

Security Clearance & Contract Jobs

Cabinet Office Guidelines state that Recruitment Agencies are not allowed to ask for security clearance levels in advance unless the assignment is short term or required at very short notice. The REC Director of External Relations, Tom Hadley said “Contract jobs in sensitive areas may require a security clearance; however this should not be seen […]

The end of IR35?

Introduced in 1999 to prevent contractors avoiding tax payments through intermediary firms IR35 has been a compliance nightmare not just for small businesses but also for the HM Revenue & Customs, who have spent a fortune trying to bring and win cases against Limited Company Contractors deemed to be ‘Outside IR35’. Speaking to the Telegraph […]

Tier 4 (Student) Rules to be Tightened March 2010

Tier 4 (Student) Rules March 2010 Tough changes relating to Tier 4 (Student) Rules relating to the Points Based System are to be introduced on the 3rd March 2010 the Home Secretary has announced. Under the new rules the number of hours an overseas student will be allowed to work in term time will be […]

Citizenship Points Test UKBA Analysis of Consultation Responses

The consultation was undertaken by many significant groups including; The Immigration Advisory Service, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Liberty, Mayor of London, Refugee Action, Scottish Government, The Law Society, The London Assembly, TUC. POLLING SURVEY RESULTS Do you agree or disagree that a points-based test should be introduced as part of the application […]

Proposed Visa Fees 2010 / 2011 Fees Set Below the Cost of Delivery

In the Proposal Document Mr Woolas said “The fees are set at or below the administrative cost of an application or process in line with the Government’s charging model. By charging below the administrative cost of delivery on the application types referred to in this instrument (detailed in part below), the UK Border Agency is […]

Scotland Popular with UK Work Visa Holders

58% of respondents considered Scotland their ‘top choice location to live and work’ 89% said Job Satisfaction was the most important factor for those considering a new place to work and live 84% said Salary was the most important factor for those considering a new place to work and live 83% said work / life […]

Australians & New Zealanders Contracting in the UK

Each year thousands of skilled Australians and New Zealanders travel to the UK on Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas (formerly UK Working Holidaymaker Visas) to work for a period of up to two years. Many enjoy the experience so much that they plan to return on alternative Visas such as Tier 1 (formerly HSMP) or […]