Tier 2 Codes Of Practice To Be Updated

What are the Codes of Practice?

Before a Tier 2 Licensed company can ‘sponsor’ a worker from outside the EEA it must ensure that the job it wishes to sponsor the migrant worker for is in line with the relevant Codes of Practice and meets all relevant conditions. If the job does not meet the conditions the company will be unable to sponsor the worker.

There are 19 sections to the Codes of Practice:

  • Section A: Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Section B: Mining and quarrying
  • Section C: Manufacturing
  • Section D: Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • Section E: Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
  • Section F: Construction
  • Section G: Wholesale and retain trade, repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles
  • Section H: Transportation and storage
  • Section I: Accommodation and food services activities
  • Section J: Information and communication
  • Section K: Financial and insurance activities
  • Section L: Real estate activities
  • Section M: Professional, scientific and technical activities
  • Section N: Administrative and support service activities
  • Section O: Public administration and defence, compulsory social security
  • Section P: Education
  • Section Q: Human health and social work activities
  • Section R: Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • Section S: Other service activities

Each Section of the Codes of Practice contains Standard Occupation Classification Codes or SOC codes as they are commonly known. An employer must find the most relevant SOC code for the role they wish to employ the migrant worker under and follow all employment conditions.

Each SOC code detailed in the Codes of Practice contains a SOC Code Description, Related Job Titles and Examples of Job Tasks. Once you have found the correct SOC code you must drill down to the relevant Job Title to find the required annual salary for the role and suitable advertising locations.

The changes due to take place on the 1st March 2010 will undoubtedly alter the advertising locations and annual salaries for certain roles. If an employer follows the old rules past the 1st March they will be issuing an unsatisfactory Certificate of Sponsorship. An organisation that uses out of date Codes when employing migrant workers may find their license downgraded or removed at a UKBA audit or a financial penalty given.

Commonwealth Contractors

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