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Tier 1 & Tier 2 Immigration Cap Consultation Reminder

The Director of the HSMP Forum, Amit Kapadia, said that “The UK government\’s move to impose an illogical cap will be opposed. We don\’t think that any sort of cap would work out. It would be unworkable. The effects remain to be seen, but if the government really tries to implement drastic measures it is […]

UK Firms Turning To Foreign Workers And Planning To Offshore Key Functions

The survey found that: 45% of employers reported having vacancies that were hard to fill 21% said they were recruiting migrant workers for engineering vacancies 15% said they were recruiting migrant workers or Information Technology & Finance positions 17% of employers are planning to recruit migrant workers in the third quarter of 2010 21% of […]

Damian Green To Visit India To Reassure Entrepreneurs

Speaking about the visit Damian Green said that “As Britain\’s Minister for Immigration, I recognise that I have a key role in taking this new enterprise forward. I look forward to using my visit to explain the changes under way in the UK\’s immigration system and the reasons for them.\” Many Indian firms and entrepreneurs […]

UK Recruitment Firms Planning Overseas Operations Due To Shaky UK Economy

Speaking further to the survey results Ann Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo, said that “It’s encouraging that so many UK recruitment businesses have overseas expansion plans despite the uncertain economic outlook. Many overseas staffing markets are relatively immature compared to the UK and are being liberalised so that they’re more accessible to UK staffing companies. […]

Tier 4 Criteria May Be Increased Following Announcement Of Student Visa Review

The Minister for Immigration, Damian Green, has announced a review of Tier 4 of the points based system following figures were released showing a further increase in the number of migrants coming to the UK each year on Student Visas. The Student Visa route has long concerned the Conservatives and the prior Labour Government. The […]

600 Jobs To Be Axed At The Royal Berkshire Hospital

The Chief Medical Officer for the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Jonathan Fielden, said that “Everyone is now well aware that we are working to achieve our aim in a challenging financial situation that is facing the whole country and in particular the public sector. This year we have to identify and deliver a savings plan of £20 […]

Private Sector Needs To Pick Up Slack From The Public Sector According To The REC

Commenting on the latest ONS jobs statistics Kevin Green said that “The latest ONS data mirrors that feedback from those in the front line of the jobs market. Recruitment professionals have reported an increase in both temporary and permanent staff appointments over recent months, although the rates of growth have started to ease. Looking ahead, […]

Understanding Goes Live In An Effort To Support The Contracting Community

What is the Agency Workers Directive? The Agency Workers Directive is a piece of legislation designed to protect the rights of low paid agency workers. Designed by the European Community, the legislation gives agency workers the same pay, terms and conditions of employment, maternity / paternity benefits as workers who are permanent employees of a […]

UK Immigration Policy May Be Affected By Relations With India

Mr Cameron’s Trade Delegation, which included leading cabinet ministers such as George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer), William Hague (Foreign Secretary), Vince Cable (Business Secretary) and top UK business people was the largest sent to India since the end of British rule. Speaking on Immigration the delegation said that they wanted to work with India […]