Monthly Archives: May 2010

Monster Employment Index Falls By 5 Points

The Managing Director of Monster UK and Ireland, Julian Acquari, said \”Unemployment actually fell in London more than in any other region during the three months up to February, and we are seeing online recruitment in London trend relatively favourably. Elsewhere, retail sales were seen increasing from last year\’s levels in April, something that is […]

PCG Press For Tax Reform

The Managing Director of the Professional Contractors Group, John Brazier, said “We are obviously in uncharted waters.  However, the Professional Contractors Group has established a good working relationship with both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in Opposition, and we are confident this will continue in Government.  Both parties have expressed the need for change […]

Recruitment Messages For New Cabinet Ministers

The REC’s Head of Public Policy, Anne Fairweather, said that “An important part of the REC’s work over the last few years has been to build links with the Opposition parties, which means that we already have a good relationship with a number of the new Cabinet members. This is a good base but there […]

Opposition To Immigration Cap

Following the historic Coalition Agreement the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats released a joint statement on future policies. On the issue of Immigration the two parties said “We have agreed that there should be an annual limit on the number of non European Union economic migrants admitted into the UK to live and work. We will […]

Immigration Policies Under A Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government

The Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement Following the formation of the new Coalition Government the two parties released a Coalition Agreement statement which set out plans for the future. On Immigration the two parties said that “We have agreed that there should be an annual limit on the number of non European Union economic […]

Shortage Of Consultant Doctors

According to the study: The number of Consultant Level Doctors increased by 4.5% in 2008 Consultant Doctors in Acute and General Medicine increased by 23.3% Consultant Doctors in Stroke Medicine almost doubled from 27 to 50 A few specialities saw a fall in numbers: Geriatric Medicine fell by 1.6% Dermatology fell by 0.2% Allergy Specialists […]

Junior Doctors Working Off The Clock Due To EWTD

What is the European Working Time Directive? The European Working Time Directive (EWTD) ‘lays down the minimum requirements in relation to working hours, rest periods and annual leave’. The legislation became law in the UK on the 1st October 1998 as the ‘Working Time Regulations’ and although it applied to the vast majority of workers […]

Lib Dem Plans To Scrap ID Cards Under Attack

David Anderson, a Labour Party candidate, has said that the decision to call time on the Identity Card scheme could mean the loss of 160 skilled jobs at De La Rue Systems in Blaydon. The company won a £400 million contract with the Government last year to make biometric passports and immediately announced plans to […]

Growing Malware & Trojan Threat

The head of security at Microsoft UK, Cliff Evans, said that “The Security Intelligence Report Volume 8 provides compelling evidence that cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and packaging online threats to create, update and maintain exploit kits that are sold on to others to deploy. Malware creators are continually improving their ‘products’ by replacing […]