Monthly Archives: January 2010

Changes to Tier 4 (Student)

From the 22nd February 2010 new responsibilities and procedures will be implemented for Tier 4 Sponsors (Academic Institutions) when Phase 4 Implementation of Tier 4 Student begins. From this date Sponsors will be required to issue Confirmations of Acceptance for studies (CAS) to all students whether they apply from inside or outside of the United […]

£15,000 Premium + Application

The service will involve UK Border Agency staff going to the home or office of the applicant and taking Biometric Information (full face digital photo and fingerprints), looking through all application documents, making an on the spot decision and no doubt getting an autograph for the kids! Prior to the new ‘Mobile Biometrics and Case […]

Proposed Visa Fees 2010/2011

In recent years the UK Border Agency has taken a strategic approach to charging for visa applications, with immigration and nationality service fees set above the normal cost of administration. The aim is to generate revenue which is used to fund the UK Immigration System as a whole, including the cost of enforcement and making […]

English NHS performs better than Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

In the National Health Service (NHS) today the vast majority of patients are treated within 18 weeks of referral by their General Practitioner (GP), an improvement of 8 weeks compared to 2006, when almost all patients were treated within six months. However today in: Wales – 79% of patients wait longer than six months for […]

Bogus College Organisers Jailed

The four set up a bogus college in order to provide fake documents and certificates to foreign nationals who would then submit UK visa applications. The group charged thousands of pounds in fees for the sham courses and via there corrupt legal services firm they would help to prepare immigration applications supported by the phony […]

Visa Application Fees Consultation

With an annual budget of £2bn & 25,000 staff the UKBA proposed the consultation in order to address ways of maintaining the current immigration system in the face of more demanding conditions. The UKBA believes that those that benefit from the immigration system (i.e. migrants and employers) should contribute most to the cost of maintaining […]

November Visa Statistics: India

India, Ahmedabad Tier 1 Highly Skilled (formerly HSMP) 46% of applications processed within 5 Days 93% of applications processed within 10 Days 100% of applications processed within 15 Days 100% of applications processed within 30 Days 100% of applications processed within 60 Days Total Monthly Decisions: 78 Tier 2 Skilled (formerly Work Permit) 47% of […]