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RCN warns that small increase in NHS budget will feel like a cut

Dr Peter Carter, the Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said that “We welcome the government’s commitment to a real-terms increase in National Health Service funding. However, the reality is that this small increase at a time of soaring demand and the rising costs of health care, will still feel […]

Doctors concerned by plans to cut GP funding in Northern Ireland

In a letter to assembly members, Dr Brian Dunn, Chair of the BMA Northern Ireland GPs Committee said that ‘The cuts, far from being aimed at reducing administration costs, will have a direct impact on frontline patient services and on resources to pay frontline staff. Practices are being forced to consider cutting staff hours and […]

HCL boss calls for English Language tests for EEA Medical Professionals

Kate Bleasdale told the Recruiter “Currently, over a third of doctors registered with the General Medical Council were trained overseas. With a growing and ageing population, the UK is clearly reliant on highly skilled overseas professionals. Demand for international doctors is only going to increase in the UK in the years to come. What is […]

NHS Trust shuts department over Middle & Junior Doctor Shortages

Dr Chris Streather, the Trusts Chief Executive said that \”A clinical safety review carried out by independent senior clinicians commissioned by NHS London across all of our sites, and supported by the Trust\’s medical and nursing directors, has concluded that there are significant safety risks, particularly in regard to a serious shortage of emergency medicine […]

Department of Health Plans set to revolutionise Healthcare System

A senior European Healthcare IT analyst at Ovum said that “The most significant health push coming from the UK government comes under the ‘E-health’ umbrella,” said Wels-Maug. E-health describes interactions between a patient and the care-giver when they are not in the same location.” Remote monitoring of patients, e-prescriptions and telehealth systems have enormous potential […]

IT staff cuts at Lloyds Inevitable following merger says Ovum

The principle analyst at Ovum, Alex Kwiatkowski, said that \”Whenever you combine businesses there will be rationalisation across all areas. There has been a lot of technology transformation going on in Lloyds over the last five years. They’ve obviously taken a long hard look at how they’re going to run their business. It’s about what […]

NHS has already shed 15,000 jobs due to Public Sector cuts says Royal College of Nursing

The Royal College of Nursing said that: The Southend University Foundation Trust has already closed one general medical ward and plans to close another later this year The University of Leicester NHS Trust has cut 325 jobs with a further 100 set for the chop The Accident and Emergency Department at Queen Mary’s Sidcup  is […]

Social Care reeling from introduction of the interim Immigration Cap

In response to the concerns the UK Border Agency’s national lead for temporary migration, Jeremy Oppenheim said that \”Under the interim limit, employers that urgently need to fill jobs in key-shortage occupations, including children and families\’ social work, can seek additional permits. There is already a streamlined route to recruit overseas social workers working with […]

Bogus Dentist fools NHS for 9 years

During the period of deception Sharma was employed at hospitals including Wolverhampton, Burton, Southend, Essex, Peterborough, Stamford & Sussex, Basildon and Thurrock Hospital. While working at the hospitals Sharma examined patients, carried out minor surgical procedures and dealt with trauma cases alongside senior Consultants. Although the news will be seen as highly alarming it should […]

£700 Million To Be Saved In NHS IT Cuts & Reinvested In Frontline Services

The cutbacks will see much of the remaining parts of the project delivered locally so long as hospitals can ensure that local IT systems fully integrate with national IT infrastructure already developed. Dr Chaand Nagpaul of the British Medical Association said that \”Giving NHS organisations more choice of IT systems makes sense, but we also […]