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Pace of NHS Reform may cause ‘brain drain’

The Health Select Committee report said that “While such a ‘surprise’ approach is not necessarily wrong, it does increase the level of risk involved in policy implementation. It allows less time to understand complexity and detail, and less time to develop and explain policy; and it leads to less understanding of objectives by staff, patients […]

iPhone App lets users rate NHS services and keep track of records & appointments

It will be interesting to see how the new app fares with future NHS IT developments. Earlier in the year the Coalition Government announced plans to hand more power to patients by setting up an online patient portal which would give patients access to medical records, give them details of doctors appointments and provide a […]

Efficiency savings will push NHS to breaking point

In the report the Health Select Committee said that \”The health settlement represents a significant challenge to the NHS, requiring efficiency savings on an unprecedented scale. It is vital that these savings are made by efficiency gains rather than making cuts. Unfortunately, we do not believe that the Government is providing a clear enough narrative […]

REC warns of dangers of overworked Doctors

The Director of Policy and Professionals Services at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Tom Hadley, said that “When hospitals are understaffed and doctors overworked, it is patients that ultimately suffer. It is not acceptable that babies born outside of normal working hours are 70% more likely to die due to the lack of available consultants. […]

NHS White Paper Encourages Staff and Employers to lead the way

The White Paper states that: Power over decisions affecting public health will be devolved from Whitehall to local patients and professionals NHS organisations will work proactively to improve the quality and speed up access to occupational health NHS organisations will also Strengthen board accountability for the management of sickness absence Partner with more employers to […]

Unison says Austerity measures damaging UK Healthcare

The Head of Health at Unison recently said that \”What is truly distressing is that that the survey clearly shows how spending cuts are already threatening to damage the quality of patient care. The Government are turning back the clock and dragging the country back to the dark days of the eighties and early nineties […]

REC responds to DoH guidance to NHS Managers over Recruitment

The Recruitment and Employment Confederations (RECs) Tom Hadley said that “We fully agree that a mix of substantive and temporary staff is the best way of delivering high-quality and cost-effective care to patients. It is crucial to recognise the importance of flexible staffing arrangements and there is no doubt that agency workers make a huge […]

NHS Managers given guide to hiring in attempt to reduce recruitment costs

The guide, which has been titled ‘\”Flexible workforce: strategic planning to reduce costs and improve quality\” helps NHS managers to ‘make the most efficient use of temporary staff, reduce agency costs and ensure that there is a supply of staff with flexible skills available to provide the highest levels of care for patients’. The Director […]

Skilled Healthcare Professionals in even greater demand following Immigration Cap

Kate Bleasdale, the Executive Vice Chairman of Healthcare Locums (HCL) said that “There is still plenty of scope for the recruitment of overseas healthcare staff into the UK, as shortage occupations will continue to be privileged. The UK is in dire need of many highly skilled professionals such as specialist nurses and midwives, radiographers, physiotherapists, […]