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50,000 NHS Job Losses + Cuts to Frontline Locums says the REC

False Economy sent Freedom of Information requests to NHS Trusts across the country asking for ‘confirmed, proposed or potential’ job losses over the next four years. They found that: 1,013 full time staff are set to be cut between 2010 and 2015 at the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, including 50 doctors and dental staff, […]

Health Select Committee says Revalidation from 2012 should not be delayed

Speaking further to the announcement the Recruitment and Employment Confederations Director of Policy and Professional Services, Tom Hadley, said that “The Health Committee is right to highlight the need for robust checks. The revalidation process must provides clear guidance and empower Responsible Officers to take action when quality of care is compromised.  Professional recruiters already […]

NHS Reform Protestors expected outside Parliament today

The General Secretary of Unison, Dave Prentis, said that \”This Bill is heading for trouble. The YouGov poll shows a clear split between Liberal Democrat and Conservative supporters. There is very weak support from Conservative voters and clear opposition from Liberal Democrats. The fact is there is very little support for this Bill from anywhere. […]

Online Medical Records may be the first step to Self Care Revolution

Some within the industry believe that patients must make the mental leap to ‘self-care’ before the system does, otherwise the NHS will spend hundreds of millions on a system that know one wants. However others believe that the technology has the power to change the thinking of the population and drive the UK healthcare system […]

MPs told by NHS; ‘We have no solution to midwife shortages’

Sir David Nicholson told the committee that there is indeed a requirement for 4,500 extra midwives but denied the service was in crisis. When asked how long it would take the fill the gap, he responded “I think we’re working through what that means at the moment. I don’t think we’ve concluded how we can […]

Unions reject NHS Employers pay freeze proposals

Last week, in an open letter to the British press 12 National Health Service (NHS) bosses backed the plans which could be brought in by creating a new National Framework Agreement (NFA) which, once agreed locally, would allow the National Health Service to freeze wages. In the letter the bosses said that “Although the National […]

Serious Shortages of Midwives in England

The Director of Policy and Professional Services at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Tom Hadley, said that “The lack of available midwives demonstrates the extent of the staffing challenge facing the National Health Service as well as other public sector employers. The squeeze on public expenditure will inevitably impact on the workforce but we must […]

12 NHS Bosses Back Pay Freezes in order to avoid Redundancies

The letter said that “Although the National Health Service has been offered significant protection of funding in the most recent spending round, rising costs and increasing demand for patient care make the next two years a huge challenge and we expect to have to make efficiency savings of well over 5 per cent per year. […]

REC Responds to Health & Social Care Bill

On the REC website Tom Hadley, the Director of Policy & Professional Services, said that “The Health and Social Care Bill constitutes a major shift in thinking. One of the major challenges facing the National Health Service (NHS) over the coming months and years will be managing staff through the changes and developing flexible resourcing […]