Online Medical Records may be the first step to Self Care Revolution

Some within the industry believe that patients must make the mental leap to ‘self-care’ before the system does, otherwise the NHS will spend hundreds of millions on a system that know one wants. However others believe that the technology has the power to change the thinking of the population and drive the UK healthcare system well and truly into the 21st centaury.

Speaking to Computing Magazine the Healthcare Programme Manager at Intellect, Jon Lindberg, said that “Self-care must become a greater part of how the English population look at healthcare, so that they can be better off, spend less time being stressed, and ultimately be healthier and stay out of hospitals. We must overcome the traditional view that patients go and see a doctor or nurse to be told what their ailment is and what he or she needs to do next. This ingrained practice does not lend itself to a sudden, automatic empowerment of patients through access of information online.”

Recently CSC published a report explaining how new technologies, including online medical records, have the potential to revolutionise the healthcare system in the United Kingdom. The ‘’Future of Healthcare: Its Health, Then Care’’ report highlighted five key areas in which technology has the ability to radically change the system for the better.

  • E-Power to the Patient: The emergence of smart-phones will not only enable patients to take the reins when it comes to their health records but also allow for at home monitoring to take place which will allow for earlier detection of medical problems.
  • Earlier Detection: By diagnosing ailments quicker Doctors will be able to catch problems at an earlier stage thereby potentially reducing costs
  • High Tech Healing: Cutting edge technologies which internally monitor patients will be developed that will send notifications of when pills have been swallowed, order further pills etc
  • Resources: More, but different: Smartphone enabled patient coaching, robotic care assistants etc will give patients greater access to healthcare resources
  • Global Healthcare Ecosystem Emerges: Global data systems will make it easier for medical professionals to collaborate and share new ideas.

By driving technological change in the National Health Service the Government may end up revolutionising the way the British population thinks about healthcare. Sometimes it is not possible to wait for people to make the mental leap to a new system on their own; they must be pushed for their own good and the good of the healthcare system.

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