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Are you a highly skilled IT Consultant? Do you need a Tier 2 General Visa (formerly UK Work Permit)? Would you like to work on IT Projects in the UK? If so Commonwealth Contractors may be able to help! At Commonwealth Contractors we work with Clients, Employers & Consultancies who are actively looking for high level IT Consultants with skill sets in demand in the UK. Many of our partners are Tier 2 Licensed and are prepared, where required, to offer Tier 2 Work Permit Sponsorship to secure the right individual. To find out more about securing Tier 2 Work Permit Sponsorship with a Tier 2 Licensed Sponsor call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get right back to you!

Benefits of IT Consulting on a Tier 2 General Visa

There are many benefits to IT Consulting on a Tier 2 General Visa, including;


Tier 2 General is a relatively restrictive employer sponsored visa. Therefore if you secure sponsorship for an ‘in house’ role you may find that you are stuck in the same position for 5 years before securing ILR. For many progressive IT consultants this stagnation can be very depressing.Alternatively working for a Consultancy offers the chance to work on many varied client facing assignments where opportunities for development are plentiful. After 5 years you could have delivered 10 – 20 projects and command a salary far in advance of ‘in house’ rivals.


Project rates normally increase from assignment to assignment. A Consultant who starts off on a project rate of £300 per day may go on to deliver other assignments at £350, £450, £500+ per day etc.Personal remuneration normally increases in line with project billing value.


Our Consultancy Partners have extensive expense policies which generally include;

  • Accommodation & Utilities
  • Flights Home
  • Travel Expenses
  • Subsistence Expenses
  • Visa Costs
  • Computer Supplies
  • Training Manuals & Textbooks
  • Postage & Stationary etc


Tier 2 General Visas are normally approved for an initial term of 3 years however they may be extended for a further 2 years where further projects are in the pipeline

The United Kingdom is fairly well stocked for highly skilled IT professionals however unofficial skill shortages do exist in certain technical skill and experience combinations. Where such high end shortages are present companies frequently turn to those from outside of the European Union to solve the problem, in which case a Tier 2 General Visa may be offered. Many of our Clients are in need of highly skilled & experienced;

  • Senior Business Analysts
  • Systems Consultants
  • Project Leaders
  • Senior Systems Analysts
  • Development Team Leaders
  • Senior Systems Developers
  • Systems Architects
  • Senior Software Engineers

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