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UKBA not doing enough to make sure migrants go home

The Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, said that “The UKBA has not got a grip on making sure that migrant workers whose visas have expired actually leave the UK. It estimates that 181,000 such workers are staying on without permission, but it can\’t even verify the figures, and does not try to […]

UKBA Publishes Business Plan for 2011 – 2015

In the forward Theresa May, George Osborne & William Hague confirm that ‘Our approach to securing our border and controlling immigration impacts on the security, social and economic interests of the UK. We will protect the border and ensure that Britain remains open for business.’ ‘Immigration has enriched our culture and strengthened our economy, but […]

Indians to fall under new Irish Visa Waiver Programme

Alan Shatter, the Justice and Defence Minister for the Republic of Ireland said that “This is a major change in public policy. It is the first time that Ireland has contemplated such a programme and as such it is proposed that it be pilot tested from July of this year to October 12th. The programme […]

Demand for IT Contractors twice as strong as demand for Permanent Workers in Q1 2011

Key figures from the survey: Total IT hiring still down 70% from its peak in 2007 Quarter 1 of 2011 saw a 11% increase in job postings for highly skilled contractors Quarter 1 of 2011 saw a 5% increase in job postings for highly skilled permanent professionals Alongside Oracle and .NET, C now accounts for […]

StartUp Britain criticised by North East Software Industry

Mr Callaghan said that “We can see no reason why any number of the North East\’s 350 software companies could not be included among the business tools signposted on StartUp Britain and we would be delighted to act as your gateway to them. It seems bizarre that a government-backed scheme claiming to be the cheerleader […]

Social Media second least popular recruitment tool

Jim Albert, the Managing Director of Modis International, said that “Given that IT recruitment and social media would seem destined to be close allies, the results of this survey are certainly surprising. It should be remembered that social media is best used as part of a wider, multi-media recruitment drive, and this could account for […] Job Index falls by 3 points in April 2011

The Managing Director of, Martin Warnes, said that “The index remains over 20 per cent higher than last year’s level following the steep increase in the first quarter of the year, mirroring falling unemployment and rising GDP figures for the same period. Clearly business growth has been sustained at a higher level than the […]

Nokia set to cut 4,000 from its global workforce

The majority of the job cuts will come in Finland, Denmark and the UK, where about 700 of the 2,400 employees will be affected. The move will see the itsresearch and development site in Farnborough close. Nokia currently employs 131,000 people around the world, including those working at its joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks and […]

Will Germany help to reduce UK Net Migration?

During the General Election David Cameron pledged to tackle net migration and bring it down from ‘hundreds of thousands per year to tens of thousands per year’. So far his Coalition Government has brought in an Immigration Cap, cancelled Tier 1 General and has tightened Tier 4 of the Points Based System (Student Visas) significantly. […]

Final AWR Guidance to be published this week by BIS

The Head of Public Policy at the REC, Gillian Econopouly, said that \”The REC has been working with BIS over the past few months by attending the guidance workshop sessions and holding one-on-one meetings. Our priority has been to provide substantive feedback from our members and alert BIS officials to the issues which remain a […]