Job Index falls by 3 points in April 2011

The Managing Director of, Martin Warnes, said that “The index remains over 20 per cent higher than last year’s level following the steep increase in the first quarter of the year, mirroring falling unemployment and rising GDP figures for the same period. Clearly business growth has been sustained at a higher level than the last quarter of 2010, but continued recovery remains difficult to predict.”

In terms of Information Technology things are increasingly positive with many big projects now back on. Recently the President of the IT Recruitment Agency Volt said that functional roles such as Business Analysts and Project Managers were currently in great demand pointing to many companies kicking on with new projects. In terms of skills technologies such as Java / J2EE, .Net, Android and Silverlight were reported to be hot skills to have as companies push forward with mobile application projects.

Tom Daley of Volt said that “In some of our markets, we’re actually seeing higher demand for full-time direct placement vs. contract workers as a percentage of our IT recruitment activity, particularly when a client has requirements for hard-to-source talent. But for the balance of our clients, contract workers are essential to their project-based activities since it’s easier to ramp up teams for new initiatives with contract workers. This is particularly advantageous when time-to-market is important for new projects/products.”

“The demand for highly-skilled IT professionals has picked up quite a bit, albeit somewhat unevenly across our geographic markets. We’re seeing clients applying a careful and methodical approach to requesting IT talent in that they are looking for very specialised skill sets related to emerging technologies. Mobile application developers, so Java/J2EE specialists, .Net developers and Android and Silverlight techies are cited as the ‘hottest’ IT candidates, as were VMware virtual app developers. We’re also seeing a higher demand for functional roles such as business analysts and project managers. This usually indicates an increase in the amount of projects being scoped out and we anticipate this will lead to further increases in demand for IT talent as these projects are implemented.”

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