Monthly Archives: May 2011

Net Migration Figures will make it harder to achieve Conservative Election Pledge

The latest ONS figures show that: Net Migration jumped by 100,000 in the year to September 2010, to 243,000 The Polish community has overtaken the Indian community as the country’s largest by foreign nationality. The figure now stands at 545,000 people However the Indian community is still the largest when measured by country of birth […]

ONS says that Polish Net Migration is increasing

Maciek Bator, a Political Science Graduate, said to the Guardian that \”I know lots of Poles who went back to Poland in the past few years, only to come back last year. Previously people were supposed to register for the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) however a lot of people never bothered registering because they either […]

Passport Factory Operator Jailed for 3 Years

At the property the UK Border Agency uncovered 50 counterfeit passports in various stages of construction purporting to be Ghanaian, Nigerian, Irish, Czech and even British issue. They also seized: 20 counterfeit German, Dutch and French Identity cards 40 fake Home Office and other National Government rubber visa stamps and ink pads Cutting boards Razor […]

Justice Secretary pushes for EU Passenger Name Records

Passenger Name Records, which are already used in connection with flights between Europe and America, allow authorities to collect information including name, passport number, home address, mobile phone number, credit card information and travel itinerary.  At the moment the United Kingdom is the only country in Europe to collect and analyse information on passengers through […]

UK Population Statistics Released

Nationals in the UK by Country of Birth India – 684,000 Nationals by Country of Birth Poland – 521,000 Nationals by Country of Birth Pakistan – 419,000 Nationals by Country of Birth Republic of Ireland – 398,000 Nationals by Country of Birth Germany – 290,000 Nationals by Country of Birth South Africa –  236,000 Nationals […]

Manpower says Skill Shortages will cause an Employability Crisis

The company’s recent global talent survey revealed that: A sixth of UK employers are struggling to fill key positions due to skill shortages Skill shortages have worsened since 2010 when one in eleven employers said they encountered problems Only 12% of employers give extra training and development to existing staff 46% of employers tackle the […]

Hays Director says 45% of Public Sector Workers face redundancy

Key Points from the report: 45% of public sector workers face the prospect of redundancy 80% of employers say that job security uncertainty is stopping people from looking for work in the sector 51% of employers say that changes to benefits are stopping people from looking for work in the sector 39% of employers say […]

APSCo Joins the HM Revenue & Customs IR35 Forum

The Chief Executive of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), Ann Swain, said that “As the industry body that represents recruitment firms that engage a high proportion of self-employed individuals in the UK, it is important that we take a front seat in these discussions. The Government has taken the view that as far […]

REC encourages Banks to lend to Recruitment Agencies to oil the wheels

The Chair of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Neil Smith, said that “Recruitment agencies often have to pay workers before they receive payment from the end clients; loans from banks are the only realistic way to plug this gap and keep the agency going in the interim. A steady stream of bank funding over the […]

Hays Director says Talent Shortages will test organisations

Director of Hays, Charles Logan, said that “Talent shortages will become one of the biggest challenges facing organisations over the next two decades. So while organisations can attract and recruit from a much wider geography than ever before, which has obvious advantages when skills are in short supply, the global talent pipeline will also create […]