Opening a UK Bank Account

One of the most important things to do on arriving in the UK is to set about opening a UK Bank Account so that you can start to receive your wages. If you’re a Non EEA National on a temporary work visa you may find this a little bit tricky initially if you don’t have an employer.

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High Street Banking

The UK is well stocked with High Street Banks & Building Societies and on the whole there is little to choose between the big providers.

If you normally bank in a certain way (i.e. over the counter, telephone, internet etc) it may be worthwhile spending a bit of time choosing the one with the best services.

Main UK High Street Banks & Building Societies



Lloyds TSB
The Co-Operative Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland


Bank Comparison Websites

Comparison Site


What Documents are required to open a Bank Account?

To open a UK Bank Account you need to prove your identity and residence. Each bank has slightly different requirements but the majority will require some of the following documents:

  • Current Passport or Driving Licence
  • Letter of Employment from Current Employer
  • Last 3 months Bank Statements
  • Current Tenancy Agreement
  • Utility Bill

To open an account you should contact a branch and arrange a meeting. The customer service advisor will detail the documents required to open an account.

How quickly can I open a Bank Account?

Once you’ve provided all of the required documents to the Bank an account will normally be opened within 14 working days.

If you bank with HSBC in your home country it may be possible to open an account much quicker as you have an existing relationship with the bank. To do this you should contact HSBC in your home country before you leave.

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