Getting Around the UK

As a Contractor you may find that you have to move around the UK in order to get the best contracts. The good news is that getting around the country is very easy, and although the cost of travel is reasonable you may find ‘peak’ travel times (especially on trains) to be expensive.

If you’re planning on coming to the UK to work as a professional Contractor and you would like to find out about maximising your contract income or working towards a future visa extension or transfer Commonwealth Contractors can help!

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Getting around London

The majority of contract assignments (especially those in Information Technology) are based in London.

Getting around London is very easy as the capital has a fantastic network of tube, train, bus, tram and taxi services.

The best way to plan your journey, stay up to date with fares and avoid congestion and delays is to visit Transport for London (

UK Trains

The UK rail network is serviced by a number of different private train companies.

If you’re considering travelling by train the best thing to do is to visit and use the journey planner to work out your route. Alternatively visit the websites listed below.


Ticket Booking Websites

Booking Organisation


The Train Line
National Rail Enquiries
My Train Ticket
Rail Easy


UK Train Network Information

Information on?


UK Rail Network Maps
London Over ground
London Stations


Service Operators

Service Operator


Arriva Trains
First Great Western
Gatwick Express
East Coast
Heathrow Express
London Midland
South Eastern
South West Trains
Virgin Trains

UK Coaches

Travelling by Coach is a far cheaper option than travelling by train, however if you are travelling to or from London you may find that you spend much of the journey in a traffic jam as roads around the capital (especially at rush hour) can be busy to say the least!

To plan a coach journey visit

UK Airports

If you’re travelling to a distant part of the UK you may consider taking an Internal Flight.

There are a number of companies that undertake Internal UK flights, these are detailed below. The best way to find a seat is to use a flight checking tool such as

Internal flight providers include:

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