Biometric Residence Permits

A Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is a card issued by the UKBA which holds your biographic details (name, date of birth, place of birth) along with your biometric information (fingerprints and digital photo). BRPs are currently issued for certain ‘in country’ applications.

Biometric Residence Permits are issued in place of a vignette (i.e. visa certificate) or visa stamp in an individual’s passport. It is your responsibility to carry your Biometric Residence Permit on you at all time (in the same way that you would carry a driving license).

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Immigration Categories that issue BRPs

At present the following Immigration Categories issue Biometric Residence Permits:

  • Any category in Tier 1
  • Any category in Tier 2
  • Any category in Tier 4
  • Any category in Tier 5
  • Sole Representative Visas
  • Ancestry Visas
  • Dependent Visas

How do I provide Biometric Information?

As part of an in country visa application you will need to attend a biometric appointment. During the submission copies of your fingerprints will be taken along with a digital photo. If you have previously submitted biometric information during a previous application staff will double check to ensure that information is consistent.

How do I use my BRP?

Your Biometric Residence Permit is evidence of your permission to remain in the UK and shows the conditions of your stay. The BRP can be used to confirm your identity and access public services.

If you have been issued with a BRP you should carry the card on you at all times. You also need to be careful to take your BRP with you whenever you leave the UK as otherwise you will struggle to re-enter the country.

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