e-Borders Scheme has led to the capture of 2,800 criminals

Key Statistics:

  • E-Borders currently checks:
    • 90% of flights from outside the European Union
    • 60% of flights from within the European Union
  • In 2010 / 2011 e-Borders has led to the capture of:
    • 18 Murderers
    • 27 Rapists
    • 29 Sex Offenders
    • 25 Violent Criminals
  • Since 2005 the system has helped seize:
    • Half a tonne of drugs
    • 5 tonnes of tobacco
    • Around 7 million cigarettes

The e-Borders scheme is operated out of the National Border Targeting Centre (NBTC) in Manchester. Once a passenger has booked a flight information is passed to the NBCT and the organisations high tech computerised system checks information on passengers and crew against ‘watch lists’ before anyone has even set foot on the plane. Where a flag is raised officers at the NBTC pass information to law enforcement agencies and the UK Border Agency to move in on suspects. Once the new National Crime Agency has gone live in 2013 the system will be central to the new Border Police’s role of assessing border related risks.

Speaking at the NBTC the Immigration Minister, Damian Green, said that \’Checking people coming to the UK is vital in helping secure the border by targeting known criminals, terror suspects and illegal migrants while gathering evidence against smugglers and people traffickers. Traveller information has enabled the e-Borders to help keep our country safe with more than 8,400 criminals, including rapists and murderers, intercepted since it was established. When the new National Crime Agency goes live from 2013 the Manchester based NBTC will be central to helping the UK Border Agency play its part. The city can be justly proud of its role at the forefront of the hi-tech fight to make the country\’s border even more secure.’

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