Monthly Archives: February 2011

UK SOC Codes set to be revised following MAC proposals

Following the announcement of the proposals the chair of the Migration Advisory Committee, David Metcalf, said that \”Skilled foreign workers make a valuable contribution to the British economy but, in the context of limits on migration, it is essential that the immigration system is designed to select those migrants we need the most. We have […]

EU Blue Card to go live in Bulgaria from June 2011

At the moment Bulgaria is experiencing a severe shortage of highly skilled workers. Citizens of countries such as Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, and Moldavia may soon find it easier to work in Bulgaria, and in other Countries in the EU. What is the EU Blue Card? The EU Blue Card will allow highly skilled […]

Foreign MBA Students being put off Scottish Universities

The Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs (Amba), Sharon Bamford, has warned that Non EEA Students are being put off studying Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualifications at Scottish Universities due to the confusion that surrounds the Coalition Governments Immigration Cap legislation and proposals to tighten Tier 4 of the Points Based System. There […]