Foreign MBA Students being put off Scottish Universities

The Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs (Amba), Sharon Bamford, has warned that Non EEA Students are being put off studying Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualifications at Scottish Universities due to the confusion that surrounds the Coalition Governments Immigration Cap legislation and proposals to tighten Tier 4 of the Points Based System. There has been much debate over the proposals to change Tier 4 (Student Visas) this week with the Immigration Minister, Damian Green, saying that he wished to crack down on privately funded further education colleges in particular which he said were subject to less regulation and more abuse. Mrs Bamford agreed with that statement but encouraged him and the Government to “distinguish between a language school above a chip shop in Bermondsey from a programme that costs international students £30,000 a year to do”

Mrs Bamford went on to say that “Scotland has been built on its international outlook, but there is a worry when we stop being international. There is an element of risk. The message we need government to give out is we are open for business and the confusion is not helpful.” Amba recently submitted a document to the Government outlining how restricting students from studying MBA courses in the UK will encourage many to study in countries such as the United States (currently the biggest provider of MBA programmes to International Students), Canada, Australia and the rising stars in China and India (the United Kingdom’s biggest markets for International students.

Effects of the Tier 4 (Student) Visa Proposals

If all of the proposed changes are introduced the effects on the higher education system in the United Kingdom will be significant. At the moment:

  • Around two thirds (182,000) of the 273,000 student visas issued in 2009 were from applicants based outside of the European Union
  • International Students pay far higher University fees, often more than twice as much as students from the United Kingdom and those from countries within the European Union
  • In 2006 – 2007 six percent (6%) of students studying in Scotland were from countries outside of the European Union and the following year 2007 – 2008 the total income from International students to the 20 Scottish Universities was £188 million
  • Many Universities argue that International degree students are recruited from non-degree courses on which they have improved there English language ability. It is estimated that Universities in the UK recruit more than 50% of their International students from such courses
  • The 5,475 extra places awarded at UK Universities in 2010 was made up of one third (1/3) students from within the European Union and two thirds (2/3) those from countries outside of the EU. The number of British students fell during 2010 by just over 400
  • In 2010 Scottish Universities accepted 2,208 non-EU applicants

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