UK SOC Codes set to be revised following MAC proposals

Following the announcement of the proposals the chair of the Migration Advisory Committee, David Metcalf, said that \”Skilled foreign workers make a valuable contribution to the British economy but, in the context of limits on migration, it is essential that the immigration system is designed to select those migrants we need the most. We have recognised this by ensuring our recommendations will allow the most skilled to continue to come and work here.\”

Business groups including the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) appear to support the proposals with Adam Marshall, the Policy Director at the BCC saying that \”Business has no problem with tighter eligibility criteria, but new restrictions on immigration must not undermine the ability of UK firms to access the right skills as and when they need them. An inflexible system could harm business growth.\” Undoubtedly business groups are less concerned with changes to the Standard Occupational Classification Codes (at a low level) and far more concerned with the upcoming implementation of the permanent Immigration Cap.

SOC Codes

Before a Tier 2 Licensed Company can sponsor a worker on a Tier 2 General Visa it must ensure that the position is suitably detailed on the UK Border Agency’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code List. If the job does not meet the conditions of the code of practice the organisation will not be able to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship; the digital document that a prospective migrant must detail on a Tier 2 General visa application in order to secure the visa.

Occupations are split into sections from ‘A’ through to ‘S’ and there are also codes of practise for Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer.

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